Halogen Bonus Reward Campaign Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 30 Jan 2024

The Halogen Founding Investor Day 2024 Bonus Reward Campaign (“Campaign”) is organised by Halogen Capital Sdn. Bhd. [202101022404 (1422704-T)] (“Halogen”).

1. Campaign Period

1.1. The Campaign will run from 30 January 2024 (11:00 AM) to 6 February 2024 (11:59 PM) Halogen reserves the right to extend or end the Campaign earlier or later than 6 February 2024 (11.59 PM) (“Campaign Period”).

2. Eligible Applicants

2.1. The Campaign cannot be combined with any other promotional offers or rewards.

2.2. The Campaign is open to applicants who meet the following criteria:

2.2.1. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

2.2.2. Applicant is an existing investor or first-time investor for Halogen.

2.2.3. Applicant is classified as a Sophisticated Investor defined by Securities Commission Malaysia in this document here.

2.2.4. Applicant must be an attendee of the Halogen Founding Investor Day (“Event”) and has an registered account with Halogen.

2.2.5. Applicants must subsequently invest a minimum of RM10,000 into any of the Eligible Halogen Funds (as defined below) during the Campaign Period (“Qualifying Investment”) and subsequently does not redeem or switch any units, whether partial or full from the start of the Campaign Period until 31 March 2024 (“Holding Period”).

3. Eligible Halogen Funds

3.1. Eligible Funds for the Campaign includes:

3.1.1. Halogen Shariah Bitcoin Fund or “HSBTCF”.

3.1.2. Halogen Shariah Ethereum Fund or “HSETHF”.

4. Ineligible Applicants

4.1. Applicant is a permanent and contract employee of Halogen.

4.2. Applicants who make an investment before or after the Campaign Period.

4.3. Applicants who make a redemption or switch units of the Eligible Halogen Fund, whether partial or full, during the Holding Period.

5. Campaign Bonus Reward

5.1. Only Eligible Applicants who meet all criteria listed in Clause 2 shall be referred to as “Qualified Investors”.

5.2. Each Qualified Investor is eligible to receive one (1) percent bonus units of their Qualifying Investment into the Eligible Funds (“Bonus Units”), capped at a Qualifying Investment limit of RM50,000 in aggregate (“Campaign Limit”).

5.3. Qualified Investors have the option to invest an amount greater than the Campaign Limit should they choose to do so, however such amount above the Campaign Limit does not qualify for Bonus Units.

5.4. Qualified Investors who subsequently choose to make additional investments in the Eligible Halogen Funds during or after the Campaign Period will not disqualify from receiving the Bonus Units.

5.5. Bonus Units will be distributed into the Qualified Investor’s Halogen account by 30th April 2024.

5.6. The term “Unit” or “Units” is defined in the respective Eligible Halogen Funds Investment Memorandum. Applicants should refer to the document here to understand the specifics of what “Units” represent in the context of this Campaign.

6. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

6.1. Investors/Participants hereby consent to the use of their personal information in accordance with Halogen’s Personal Data and Privacy Notice, which can be found at https://halogen.my/disclaimers/pdpa and https://halogen.my/disclaimers/privacy-policy.

6.2. Any non-compliance or breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in disqualification from the Campaign.

6.3. Halogen reserves the right to revise or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time with prior notice.

6.4. Halogen may substitute the incentive or terminate the Campaign with sufficient prior notice.

6.5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Malaysian law and any disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts.